Monday, May 22, 2017

Catch up

I've been away from this blog for a while, busy raising kids, working full-time and gasp! getting divorced then re-married to my real-life prince charming. I've kicked some butt, taken some names, given up liquor (sigh...) spent many fun-filled days in the sun with my kiddos watching them grow. I've learned about life, love and have finally found my voice at 33...took long enough.
So I'm back to encourage you and give you some stories that will make you laugh, cry or just get you through the day, or until dinnertime at least. I know that with the demands of motherhood, wifehood (is that a word?) and finding time for ME is enough to make my head spin most days.
But then I get real and I get a hubby who lifts the heavy loads when I can't, to my dishwasher, crock-pot, and to adorable kiddos with missing teeth and tiny tushies, to fresh coffee with creamer when something a little stronger is really in order, to take-out, to Netflix and of course the most important, to the LORD my bff who has seen me through the last heart-wrenching couple of years. I'm back and better than ever. Won't you join me on this crazy ride through life???

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