Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Before and After

As we all know, with pregnancy, great babies come with great...weight gain. You know how you bargain with the scale? Like.."Okay, 150 I can handle but you better not take me to 160!!!" and then the doc starts using the larger pointer at the top and you know it's over. Well, my latest and third pregnancy was the hardest. I gained the most weight, topping out at a solid 172 on delivery day and I was tired, cranky and swollen the whole time. With that said, the day after delivery, I already felt much better. It was like night and day! I have my energy and stamina back, I can finally breath again and I feel a huge weight has been lifted...literally. But this is just the beginning of the battle. I am ready to begin a workout and diet regimen and actually looking forward to it. I got a few new items to add to my exercise gear and am planning to purchase new running shoes (once I can use my Kohl's coupons, of course!)
So it will be an uphill battle but I have a game plan that will be easy and straightforward: Cut the junk, eat more fruits and veggies and get walking! I'll keep you abreast of my progress and I hope that if you have weight to lose or you just want to get healthier, you'll come along on my journey!
How do you get back into shape following a pregnancy??

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